Thanks for this article! An interesting twist, however, was my life. I.didnt get to finish college due to needing help get him through 20 years of degrees and raising children. All of my attempts to make money were not valued, even though I made great money, hourly. I teach private music lessons now, but before I did that, nannies, and cleaned houses. But no matter what I made, he always had comments to make about how much I wasn’t making…how NOT supportive I was being. I slept about 4 hours a night. It was all broken up anyway. I don’t remember most of my life for 27 years due to stress and exhaustion.

But, when I did start making money…before covid hit…he became jealous and bitter and impossible to live with. We were done anyway by that point, but that was the icing on ever cake we had baked. Misogyny has many colors and flavors.

Exploring my relationship with myself, others and the gods of my childhood. Its all up for grabs. Feeling my way forward everyday.

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